Firefly | Sports Recovery device for DOMS


Scientific evidence from Loughborough University proves that the firefly™ device speeds up recovery of muscle damage to reduce DOMS within 24 hours. Speeding up the body's recovery process allows the muscles to adapt and respond quicker, meaning an athlete can return to training earlier to improve performance.

Time is a limiting factor in many athletes lives and recovery is likely to be the first element neglected. The firefly™ device, which is portable, easily fits in to your lifestyle making it convenient when your body needs that little bit extra!

You can be confident in knowing your body has already begun the recovery process by recovering on the go with firefly™! Use it in the office, sitting on a flight or relaxing at home.


The OnPulse™ technology powering the firefly™ device uses electrical impulses to improve blood circulation. An increase in blood flow and velocity in the muscles of the lower leg allows oxygen to reach the muscle to remove the waste products more efficiently.

The Recovery Cycle

The Science

Read the clinical evidence behind neuromuscular electrostimulation (NMES) and the firefly™ device to increase blood circulation for enhanced sports recovery.

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