Firefly | Sports Recovery device for DOMS



The firefly™ device speeds up recovery from high intensity exercise by increasing blood flow to muscles that are recovering.  

Speeding up the body’s recovery process allows the muscles to adapt and respond quicker, meaning an athlete can return to training earlier to improve performance.

Time is a limiting factor in many athletes’ lives and recovery is likely to be the first element neglected. The firefly™ device is portable and easily fits in to your lifestyle making it convenient when your body needs a boost! Use it in the office, sitting on a flight or relaxing at home.

Recovering with firefly™ can help you maintain peak performance and reduce your risk of injury, giving you a competitive edge over your opponents on race and match day.


The firefly™ device increases blood flow to the injured area which may reduce swelling and aid recovery from strains and sprains. The increased blood flow may also help repair microscopic muscle damage caused by overtraining.

For more serious injuries we urge you to consult a doctor or physiotherapist before using firefly™ or our sister device – geko™. Information about the types of injuries and post-surgery applications treated by geko™ and how to access is available at

The Recovery Cycle


firefly™ is most effective when all the foundation elements of the recovery mix are included. 

Read the clinical evidence behind neuromuscular electrostimulation (NMES) and the firefly™ device to increase blood circulation for enhanced sports recovery.

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